Praise from happy clients

Dean and Alix are so dependable, I often forget that they don't work here. Their code is rock solid, and the fixes are free. They've made such an enormous difference in my Maya product ("Shave and a Haircut") that I would have a hard time calculating their worth in simple dollars and cents.

Joe Alter, CEO Joe Alter, Inc.

One of Dean's most valuable qualities is his ability to quickly assess a new project, determine the scope of the work involved and identify the areas of technical difficulty. This meant that he would realistically evaluate and schedule the work needed.

This was made possible by Dean's strong software engineering background and his commitment to consistently use those principles and techniques. Dean has always produced solid, reliable, well documented code. And much as we miss Dean, we have had no problems maintaining the body of work that he left behind.

During his years at A|W, Dean worked on a variety of technical areas, ranging from openGL programming, to math for 3d graphics and animation to user interface design. If he wasn't already proficient in the technical knowledge needed for a new area, he had the experience necessary to quickly research and learn the particular material needed. This ranged from working with users to determine product specifications to researching technical literature for algorithms.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dean to any future employers for contract work or permanent employment.

Julia Pakalns, Alias Systems.

To anyone out there who is ever in the need for plug-ins and mel scripts for Maya, I would like to highly recommend to you Dean and Alix from Gooroos Software. I've had the real pleasure of working with them for the past few months on the development of a road building plug-in for Maya 2.0 on NT. This project turned into a huge amount of work and required a lot of savvy problem solving by the people who wrote it. They are excellent programmers and know Maya inside and out. I found them to be very talented, responsive, creative and accommodating. To top it off, they charge less than Alias and get the work done in less time. They wont nickle and dime you on minor re-designs or requirement changes and they've got very quick turnaround if you should find a bug in their code.

Philip Swett, Atari Games.

Gooroos Software is nothing short of a miracle in the A/W communty. These guys are fast and affordable. They can pretty much make what YOU want. Its like having A/W themselves make you the feature you want. These guys used to work at A/W so they know how to get things done with the package that regular TDs can't. I highly recommend if you need to make a tool that you can't figure out, you should hire out Gooroos... They can make your tools without breaking your budget!

Brandon Perlow, digital artist, Perlow Productions

Using Gooroos' MayaProj, I was able to port my plug-in from Irix to NT in less than 3 hours. It probably would have taken much longer to read the Maya documentation and figure out all the project settings.

Rick LaMont, Dot C Software, Inc.

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