Credits for inspiration go to

Ian S. Graham, whose HTML Sourcebook taught me almost everything i needed to know about HTML.
David Siegel, HTML "terrorist", who asserts forcefully that layout and typography matter more than HTML purity if one wants to design visually pleasing websites.  I've got a long way to go, but he gave me plenty to think about. Not that the programmer in me always agrees, and rightly so, but hey, i'm striving for the middle ground for once.
Robin Williams (no, not the actor), who has a knack for making technical information easily accessible to novices, and who's got a fine sense of humour. Her books The Mac is not a typewriter and The Non-Designers Design Book first got me turned on about design in a constructive manner.
Kai Krause, now Chief Design Officer at Metacreations, whose love for graphics and algorithms really got this non-artist excited about the possibilities.

Credits for elements of the creation go to

Adobe for Photoshop and Macromedia for Freehand. Luckman Interactive for WebEdit Pro, the HTML editor i use most on the WinNT side. Alas it isn't under development anymore, and i'll soon be forced to move on.

All the programmers of The Gimp, for the image processing package that equals Photoshop on Linux and other unices, and is free to boot.

Ethan Dunham and Fonthead Design for Good Dog Bone dingbats.

Alien Skin Software for the Eye Candy Photoshop Plugins. BoxTop Software for the ImageVice Photoshop Plugin, which compresses the bejeezus out of GIF files.
Chris Brown for the North Point font used in the navigation menu.