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The closestPointOnCurve node provides the same functionality for curves as Maya's closestPointOnSurface node does for surfaces. It lets you specify a curve and a point in space, from which it generates the coordinates and U parameter value of the point of the curve which is closest to the point in space. In addition, the distance between the point in space and the closest point on the curve is also calculated and made available.

A closestPointOnCurve node is created like any other node in Maya, using the createNode command. The example below creates a closestPointOnCurve node, a curve, and a locator. It then connects the locator's position and the curve to the closestPointOnCurve node, and retrieves the position, parameter value and distance between the locator and the curve.

    // Create the closestPointOnCurve node.
    createNode -name "cp" closestPointOnCurve;

    // Create the curve.
    curve -p -5 -5 0 -p -5 -4 0 -p -3 0 0 -p -2 1 0
          -p 2 0 0 -p 4 -1 0 -p 5 -3 0;

    // Create the locator and move it into position.
    createNode locator;
    move -r -5 5 0;

    // Connect the curve's worldSpace geometry and
    // the locator's position to the
    // closestPointOnCurve node
    connectAttr curve1.worldSpace cp.inputCurve;
    connectAttr locator1.translate cp.inPosition;

    // Retrieve the position of the point on curve1
    // which is closest to locator1.
    getAttr cp.position;
    // Result: -2.302124 0.4814418 0 //

    // Retrieve the point's U parameter value along
    // the curve.
    getAttr cp.parameterU;
    // Result: 1.606581 //

    // Retrieve the distance between locator1 and curve1.
    getAttr cp.distance;
    // Result: 5.26269 //

closestPointOnCurve example

Attribute Reference

attribute editor

Long (Short) Name Type Default
inputCurve (ic) nurbsCurve NULL The curve on which the closest point is to be found.
inPosition (ip) double3 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 The position in world space for which the closest point on inputCurve is to be found.
inPositionX (ipx)
distance 0.0cm X component of inPosition.
inPositionY (ipy)
distance 0.0cm Y component of inPosition.
inPositionZ (ipz)
distance 0.0cm Z component of inPosition.
result (r) compound n/a Container for all of the node's output values.
position (p)
double3 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 Position in world space of the point on inputCurve which is closest to inPosition.
positionX (px)
distance 0.0cm X component of position.
positionY (py)
distance 0.0cm Y component of position.
positionZ (pz)
distance 0.0cm Z component of position.
parameterU (u)
double 0.0 U parameter value of the point on inputCurve which is closest to inPosition.
distance (d)
distance 0.0cm Distance between inPosition and position.

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The closestPointOnCurve node and its associated materials, which are collectively referred to as "this product", are copyright Gooroos Software, 1999-2004.

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